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For harbours lakes reservoirs and flooding plains.

Rain catchers for oceanliners and the army. We have vunerable towns isolated farms through flooding, the raincatchers can be used as a water supply. Issue to army, for when water is low, in small sizes for individuals or larger ones for outfits. Issue to towns S.E.S to contain water when mains are down. Issue to sea crafts, small and large for brake downs and being stuck at sea, have for when things go wrong as part of a safety kit. All has formed through the causes of water shortages and ways to harvest and inhance one of our natural resources.

Using farms,open areas,sportsfields,etc.We are going to use/water harvesting rain catchers to help farmers harvest rain.

At the moment when it rains on rural areas, much of rainfall falls on useless farmland, the soil,so eroded over years,

does not soak up the water,thus wasting the resources,also resulting in very poor run off to near dry dams.

I have experienced farmers heartache, through missing water as a water borer.

Through this experience, I give my idea a better chance at suppling farmers with water.

With weather forecasting and satalite pictures catching rain is a good bet,my idea is portable.fast and easy enough to move with rain bands. Our water catchments might have gotten rain 20-40 years ago,but rain bands move and climates are changing.

There will be no harm to the enviroment.Its all about catching a larger area and containing it.

Useing light weight materials,made in Australia,dams must be sealed. Or have rural fence around harvester with troughs on out side of fence to feed water to stock, to help keep farmers on the land

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